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Bird Removal NYC

Bird Control and Management 

Landlords often time struggle to find the proper bird solutions. Birds are a nuisance pest and if they are left unchecked, the birds can cause substantial property damage and have great health effects to your tenants. Bugged Out invested years addressing these nuisance pests and implementing detailed protocols to successfully manage bird issues to all facility types. 


bird effects 

Unsafe Conditions- Created by slippery stairways and walkways.

Disease- Pest birds can carry over 60 diseases.

Damage- Acidic bird droppings can damage automobiles, aircraft and buildings.

Added Expense- Routine maintenance, cleaning, product loss and repackaging

Other Pests- Parasites, rodents and other insects are attracted to bird droppings.

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bird treatments 

Bird Exclusion

Netting • Sheet Metal • Screening

Bird Prevention and Removal

These may include the following: Spikes • Bird Trapping • Bird Wire • Gel Repellents and other techniques. 

Behavior Adjustment

Electroshock • Laser Dispersal • Sonic Dispersal • Other techniques 

We specialize in high-rise buildings and many other urban and suburban facilities. 

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bird services are a necessary investment

  • Decreased expenses / costs on maintenance and repair. 

  • Increase property value.  

  • Eliminate the spread of disease to you, employees and patrons. 

  • Eliminate safety and health hazards—Decrease your liability. 

  • Improve / protect your image.